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Since E3 a load of new games have been hyped as they near their release. A lot are sequels. The thing is, how many sequels do we actually need? With games such as Team Fortress 2 proving that video games don't really need sequels, how many of these games are just trying to cash-in?

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag - Justified

Despite being called a disappointment, you can't deny that Assassin's Creed 3 was a success. Selling over 12 million copies, Ubisoft were back on safe ground again with their beloved series. Naturally a sequel would be planned, and Ubisoft has admitted that currently 3 games are in the works.

Assassin's Creed is mainly centered around single-player, but there is a mutli-player feature. You could easily add an experience the size of a game as DLC, but with a game so large, the single-player experience does need another retail outing if it wants to release well.



Batman: Arkham Origins - Justified

The Arkham games were a surprising success. Not often do super-hero video games do well, but developer Rocksteady proved the average gamer wrong. The games had a good atmosphere, and well-designed combat separated it from the others.


With a game as good as Batman: Arkham City, do you really need a sequel? The answer is yes. With a new studio working on the prequel, hopes are that Warner Bros Games Montreal will bring something new to the table. Of course, the switch of developer could still lead to a catastrophe. I suggest you hope for the best.

Battlefield 4 - Cash-in

I know I'll get a lot of slag for this one. Battlefield is mostly focused on the multi-player, and with most multi-player games going free-to-play, EA DICE have decided to make a bigger deal out of the single-player to reassure fans that another £40/$60 purchase is worth the money.


Sadly, if it's anything like the last few titles, it'll be a painfully short, forced-into-cars single-player, and a multi-player that begs your wallet for DLC. Of course, I shouldn't be making assumptions this soon. I'm only running on the fact that it wouldn't be so hard to release DLC with the new content they're making for Battlefield 4, and upgrade the engine for the newer console generations instead of making a sequel, but that's enough rambling.

Bayonetta 2 - Justified

When Bayonetta, a game by Platinum Games, actually did well, people were surprised. That, and the fact that it helped SEGA get a new IP, sounded like a win-win situation. That is, until Nintendo got SEGA in a headlock and made Bayonetta 2 a Wii U-exclusive. Of course, if it does well, this can mean great things for Nintendo. Maybe it'll mean Nintendo will finally be accepted as a third-party platform. Maybe it's just another SEGA title that Nintendo is making its bitch.

Edit: I'm sorry, I cocked this entire bit up, I guess I'll need to research my Bayonetta a bit better. My point on it being a Nintendo franchise still applies though.



Call of Duty: Ghosts - Cash-in

Do I need to tell you why?


Dark Souls II - Justified

Now, I don't know much about Dark Souls. I've never played the game, but the type of game it is just doesn't appeal to me. I have, however, one or two friends who love the game. From what I've learnt, the game was built in a very specific way, so that you could either play the game at your own pace, or take very specific shortcuts to beat the game in a ridiculously short time. This makes the game very well tied-up. Imagine sticking a second Dark Souls that's well tied up onto the first. It would just seem odd. That'd be like putting all three Lord Of The Rings movies all together as one giant movie. Even though I haven't seen Lord Of The Rings. (please don't kill me :c)



DayZ [Standalone] - Cash-in

DayZ [Standalone] sounds interesting, and clearly Bohemia Interactive want to spruce up and improve the core gameplay of Arma II's DayZ mod, but at its core this game is an easy way to cash in on the success of something the company didn't make. It's most likely that the game will be superior compared to the mod made by just one man, but it doesn't change the fact that the success of the mod was a fad for quite a while, where as this game will just be a typical zombie game with a bit of realism in tow. I'll be interested to see how this game develops though. (Yes, I do consider this a sequel to the DayZ mod)

Dead Rising 3 - Justified

I have never played a Dead Rising game. I told myself I'd get to playing 2 some time, but never got to it. What I have learnt is that the game was about fighting giant hordes of never-ending zombies with wacky combinations of items. Dead Rising 2 took place in a shopping centre, which limited the space just enough for the current-gen hardware to manage. Dead Rising 3 is an Xbox One exclusive, and the developers have said many times that their big goal for this game is to fill a large space with thousands of zombies at once. It's a much more logical option to just make a sequel, considering that almost everything in the game has been altered in some way to adapt to the Xbox One's hardware.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze - Justified.

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The problem with Nintendo is that their online is not brilliant. Their internet browsing isn't brilliant, their European Virtual Console on the Wii and Wii U is 50Hz, and the 3DS's downloadable alternatives to retail games are usually more expensive. Releasing a digital game that is constantly updated like TF2 on the Wii U eShop would be illogical, as sadly it's not a case of whether it's a cash-in or not, it's whether Nintendo can afford to.

Fez 2


Hopefully I'll make a second article soon with the next 10 games I've decided to talk about, but if I have missed anything you want to talk about, feel free to make a comment.