Woah woah woah! Pitchforks away, ladies and gentlemen. Please, at least let me make my point before you brutally steal my wallet and bury me in plastic figurines!

Let me set the scene...

So, I'd just sat through 2 hours of EA's press conference just to see under a minute of Mirror's Edge 2 concept footage, and really early concept art for Criterion's next game. After surviving their presentation about grass on a football field, I was burnt out. No interesting new announcements, and everything that seemed good was years away.

Nintendo's presentation was the next day and I was really hoping it'd be good. (For the record, it was. Nintendo titles are the only ones I seem to care about this year.) It starts and it's genuinely entertaining, which is great.

Then Iwata pulls out this figurine of Mario. Wait, what's happening? Why's Mario suddenly in the match beating up Reggie? So, Sakurai starts talking about the 3DS version and Miis, which is great and all, but what the hell was that thing earlier?


Reggie then appears on screen. He explains how these Amiibos "evolve" in Smash.

There's one serious problem. It was incredibly vague. From what I could tell, Amiibos can be used against other players and they play on their own, and change their stats as they play. Maybe it's just me, but this sounds incredibly boring, because any interesting use would make them unfair. It sounds like that thing that nobody likes using because it either ruins the fun of the game or doesn't do much, so the most you do with it is spar with it (which is basically just an AI) or watch it fight other AIs in the game.

Now, writing this I just considered the possibility of 4 friends bringing their Amiibos and fighting each other as their 4 Amiibos help them too, in an intense 4-way battle of 2 a team. Of course, this is unlikely. It'll probably just be 4 players maximum; Amiibo or human.


The thing that really bugs me is that there was clearly hints at Mario Kart 8 DLC, and these Amiibos seem to be the way they make that DLC. Now, let's not forget that making these figurines would cost more than just Downloadable Content. So I check the prices online.. and eventually the same price keeps coming up.

£12.45!? For one figurine!? How can anyone afford this? You can buy indie games and standalone DLC for that price!

So, I count it in my head. This year I want Bayonetta 2 (£40), Smash Wii U (£40), Smash 3DS (£30), and possible Hyrule Warriors (£30). I was also wanting to get a Pro Controller, which costs £30. So, for games alone, that's already expensive! And Nintendo games never go down in price, so I'm either paying that now or in a few years when the price is £5 cheaper. Not only this, but they're trying to sell me these Amiibos too!?


This is my biggest problem with Amiibo. Nintendo is really going to have to justify the pricepoint, and not only this, but these will be in limited supply unlike content you can download straight to your Wii U. Nintendo games are already expensive enough as they are!

That's it really. To me, they're too expensive and I hope they opt to make a downloadable alternative. The figures look cool, the content sounds cool, but I'd much rather have them separate than part of "Amiibo".